Author in India - India has been celebrated for its arts, Literature and writing science ancient times.There are twenty two Language spoken in India. But Hindi is mother tongue language.The Indian authors must be acknowledged and their books that should be read.

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Rabindranath Tigore

Ravindranath Thakur was born 7 May 1861. He was a poet, Musician, Artist. His first poem Mansai was published in 1890after which he gained immense popularity among Bangali readers. His most significant works include Gitanjali. Which are eighty short stories.

Most Popular Books

Gitanjali, The Home And the world (Forgotten Books), Songs Of Kabir, Tagore Reader, The world treasury of modern religious thought

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Arundhati Roy 

Suzanna Arundhati Roy was born in 24 Nov 1963. She is most popular author of India.Arundhati Roy best known for her novel the god of small things which won the the man booker prize for fiction in 1997.

Most Popular books

The god of small things, Capitalism: A Ghost Story, Listening to Grasshoppers, The end of imagination, The algebra of infinite, Walking with the comrades, Things that Can and Cannot be Said, War Talk, Broken Republic, Nav Samrajya Ke Naye Kisse, The shape of the beast, The cost of living, Power Politics and more etc.

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Amrita Pritam

Amrita Pritam was an Indian author. She was born in 31 august 1919. She was a courageous woman who did not fear writing controversial texts during the pre-partition era. She suffered through tough times during the partition of India which influenced her to write the Punjabi novel ‘Pinjar’ (skeleton) which describes the helplessness of the women during that era and the discrimination they had to go through. The novel later was made into a Bollywood movie which was a hit throughout the nation.

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 Khushwant Singh

Khushwant Singh was an Indian author, lawyer, diplomat, journalist and politician. He was born in 15 August 1915. As an author he wrote some outstanding novels like - Train to Pakistan (1956), Delhi: A Novel (1990), The Company of Women (1999), Truth, Love and a Little Malice (2002), The Good, the Bad and the Ridiculous (2013).

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